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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Party!!!

 Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the Halloween Blog Party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist!  I have been so excited about this and working all month to put my part of this together ~ (Note~if you "poke" the pictures you will be able to see more details)

I truly hope you enjoy it!

A Tiny Tale of the Halloween Soiree at Mouserly Manor
 by Donna Patrice

I entered my Exploratorium to begin mixing a batch of new spells from my new spell book: 
A Compendium of Old Spells for the Modern Witch, which, by the way, is rare and I was totally excited to find it tucked away on a dusty back shelf at Black Forest Books at a bargain price!
As I was pulling down ingredients to mix up some potions,
I noticed that Crow had brought in the mail.  In the bowl were several invitations to various upcoming Witchy events.  I looked quickly through the many party invitations (and the love poem sent by an anonymous admirer, which I tucked away inside my new book of spells).  There were several witchy celebrations to choose from this year.
As I was setting them aside, a bit of paper fluttered out of the stack and caught my eye.  
It was so tiny that I needed my magnifier to read it:
"You are cordially invited to attend the First Annual Halloween Mouse Soiree, October 22, 2011 at the Witching Hour.  Please come dressed to play.  Follow directions on vial.  Transportation will be provided." 
Why, that was today, I thought to myself!
Bemused, I lifted the tiny vial and noticed a tiny label attached which read:
"Close your eyes and swallow in one sip"
I removed the tiny cork and shrugging, raised the vial to my lips.  I closed my eyes and let the tiny droplet touch my tongue.  For a moment, I felt nothing.  Quite suddenly, I began to feel as if I was falling – you know that tickle in your tummy when you go fast over a hill in your car – it was that kind of feeling.
I opened my eyes and saw nothing but a cloud of black.
What in the world was going on??
Looking up, I saw that my world had grown quite huge – or I had become quite small!
Looking down, I saw that I was dressed in my best witchy party dress.

Crow alighted next to me and I realized what had happened.  He laughed his crowy laugh and I laughed with him, delighted, “You knew all about this, didn’t you my friend?”  His eyes twinkled at me and he indicated with a nod of his head that I should climb upon his back – my “provided transportation”.
I did so, and off we went.
By the light of the Hunter’s Moon and a swirl of stars,

we arrived at a place I had only heard about in recent weeks.  As Crow banked, I could see lights and figures moving about below us.
We landed next to a miniature graveyard guarded by a ghost tree.
As I slipped from Crow’s back, I heard little giggles.  I turned to see myself surrounded by four little creatures: a ladybug, a bumblebee, another little witch and a miniature Red Riding Hood.
They all began speaking at once.
“So glad you made it to our Halloween Mouse Soiree!”
“What a lovely party dress!”
“You must meet Baxter!”
“Thank you, Crow, for bringing her to us!”

“Where is here?” I asked.

“Why, the grounds of the Old Mouserly Manor.” The ladybug said sweetly.
They ushered me towards a table laden with tiny cookies: zombie and moon cookies I was told by the little witch, baked by her very self.   
As we settled ourselves around the table, I asked how they knew Crow.

“Oh, the Crows and Mouserly’s go way back,” chirped Red, “We’ve known all about you for some time now and know that you are a friend to mice and other little creatures.”

I was offered a tiny cup of mulled apple cider, which I accepted along with a plate of cookies.
Suddenly, a coffin swung open and I screeched, almost dropping my plate.  Bumblebee rescued it from me and everyone laughed.
Red introduced me to the Vampire, Baxter.

Once my heart slowed to a more regular rhythm, we finally sat down to cookies and mulled cider.

The sweet group of little mice shared with me that they had just recently reacquired the land and old Mouserly Manor.  It had been in their family for generations 
(I discovered the little group was all related in one form or another) and it had been mistakenly sold off by the 13th cousin of the 13th cousin.  The 758 direct descendants of Thaddius (Tad) Teezle Mouserly and the 923 various cousins, aunts and uncles put their savings together and repurchased the land and house.  Several of the Original Inhabitants of Mouserly Manor were actually buried in the family graveyard – if I cared to go and take a look.

I graciously declined for the moment, wondering where all the others might be buried, but too polite to ask.

“What do you intend to do with the old place?” I asked.

Baxter spoke up, “We intend to rebuild.”

Bumblebee said, “Actually, we intend to BUILD.  You see, we will leave the old manor house as it is, but build us all a new manor on the land.”

“ For all 1,681 of you?” I asked.

“Possibly…”Baxter said.

“Quite ambitious,” I said.

“Enough talk of manors and family history,” Ladybug squealed, “let’s play some games!”

And so we did.  We played Hang Man, told one another’s fortunes by tossing bleached sticks, several rounds of Candy Corn Catch, some Pumpkin Bowling (at which I discovered I excel) 
and finally we bobbed for apples.

Next, there was dancing to the music of the Cricketoad Gang by the light of the moon.

We danced
And we danced
And we danced!

Needing a rest, I was given a tour of the tiny graveyard 

and allowed to peek in the windows of the old manor.

After more cookies, we sat around the fire, drinking mulled cider again to warm up.  Baxter and Red told us some creepy ghost stories, as well as some old family tales.

I was completely enchanted.

Before I knew it, the moon was setting and it was time for our soiree to come to an end.  We all said our good-byes, promising between hugs and yawns to visit with one another again very soon and I wished them best of luck on the plans for the new Mouserly Manor.

“Oh!  I almost forgot,” Red took a small vial out of her basket and handed it to me, “When you arrive home, close your eyes and swallow every drop.”

I took the vial, thanked her and climbed sleepily onto Crow’s back.   
I waved to my new friends until I could no longer see them...
 or the old Mouserly Manor.
Then, I drifted off to sleep.
Crow nudged me and I found myself back in my GIGANTIC Exploratorium.  He tapped the vial with his beak and then flew upwards, disappearing above me, beyond the edge of my worktable.  I removed the cork from the vial, closed my eyes and swallowed every last drop.

Again, I had that falling feeling, only it was a rushing feeling now – as if I was moving very quickly towards something I could not see.

I opened my eyes and everything was back to the size it should be.

I thought perhaps I had dreamed – or cast a spell upon myself from my new spell book without knowing it, but then I looked at what I was holding in my hand.
I was reminded of the delightful time I spent with my new friends at the Old Mouserly Manor.

How glad I was that I had gone to their First Annual Halloween Mouse Soiree!

I yawned an enormous yawn, told Crow and Owl goodnight, and headed off to my cozy bed to sleep off the cookies and mulled cider, hoping that I would receive an invitation to the Mouserly’s Second Annual Halloween Mouse Soiree next year!

Happy Halloweenie, everyone!

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come again!  Please check out Vanessa’s blog to see all the other Halloween Blog Party participants!  Enjoy!

Keep it Joyful, Donna


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