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Monday, March 5, 2012

March Project Life Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to the March 2012 Project Life Blog Hop!  

This month I am ready - yay!  I was trying to decide what to share: my layouts (which are pretty simple most of the time) or what kinds of extras I add now and then?  I settled on sharing what I do when the photos are smaller 4x5.3 (Walmart calls it "True Digital) than the standard 4x6 photo.  I try to reformat all my photos to 4x6, but sometimes I don't have time - and if I want Project Life to work for me, I need to keep it simple.

I simply take 2 pieces of 12X12 in a pattern I like and cut out seven 4x6 pieces and a 3.5 journal size if I need one.
In this particular layout I used the green/blue polkadot - and I guess I had less journaling than normal so I cut out two journal-sized pieces to put in the smaller pockets (sometimes I have smaller photos or memorabilia to fit in those spots, but not for this layout).
Below is another layout using the same paper, only in pinks and salmons (I guess I really like this paper...) used for a small pocket, and coordinating salmony paper to mount the larger photos on (I apologize for the glare - I could not find a single spot in my house to photograph these pages that was not throwing glare):
 Another closeup shot:
I don't think too much about the papers - I just select one that pretty much matches the colors I have in my Project Life kit (in this case, the Amber Kit).
In this particular week I had A LOT going on, so I added a sort of "mini" album to the spread using some very, very inexpensive photo sleeve inserts from Walmart (I think they were less than $2):
There are two 4x6 slots and then a neat little middle slot that is nice for journaling on, which is what I used it for.  I added the same paper behind the photos as I used on the main week pages in order to pull it all together.

Oh, and the holes for the inserts were slightly different than the Project Life binder, so I just punched new ones on the top and bottom of these little inserts.  Once in the binder, you can't even see the old holes.
 Sometimes I add a few embellishments to pages.  Above I've used a small piece of bias tape and stamped on it, then stapled it to the photo with just a regular stapler (although I covet that tiny one that is currently available - I adore tiny things!)
 I like to "dress up" my weekly card.  In this case I used a number from a set of sticky mailbox numbers I found in my garage.
 More embellies...
 The little crown above is a hard plastic piece that was originally rounded and I used my heat gun to soften it just enough to flatten it so I could attach it to my journaling card.

I also stick the little stickers from Smash Book directly to the photos, or cute stickers or tags - since I have digital backups of the photos I don't worry too much about anything being on the photo.
 Below on the photos I used a white galaxy pen to draw the arrows, and I've even written directly on photos with the pen, as well.
 Most weeks, though, I keep it very basic and simple:
That is it for this month!  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek.  Please follow the links below to continue on with the Blog Hop.  If you are dropping in from somewhere else, you can continue on with the hop, as the last person will have a link back to the beginning. ENJOY and see you next month! 
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Keep it Joyful, Donna


  1. Good morning! Love that you used those extra inserts and that you found some that worked for you that weren't necessarily PL.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pages! I love that you created a mini-album within your PL album.

  3. Great layouts! I love the extra inserts and all your embellishments. You did a great job with everything!

  4. Your weeks look great Donna, thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the polka dots so much!

  6. Such great details. Wonderful job. I love how you've altered your album to fit your needs perfectly.

  7. Looks great! I love all the color and details.

  8. Clever solution for the true digital size photos and I like your use of the photo album inserts!

  9. Looks like a great week! Love the use of the Patterned papers


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