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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Right on time for the Mad Hatter Tea Party!

Hurray!  You made it to the annual Mad Hatter Tea Party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist!
(Please visit there to visit with all of the other Mad Partiers!)
The Mice of Mouserly Manor are so very glad you are here and welcome you to their new home.
The ladies all arrived days ago, a few on their own, but mostly in pairs - the Queen of the land even  came to the party and caused all sorts of excitement!
They were given a tour of the area and two of the ladies boldly climbed on stage to put on an impromptu performance...of course, one of them is Marie, so no one was surprised!
But please, make yourselves comfortable and help yourself to a cupcake (or three!)
There are plenty here for everyone so take your favorite one!

I think this one sums up exactly how I feel today...
Oh!  Look who it is!  He says we are late - oh my!  He says to follow him - you may bring your cupcakes...
Gather round the stage for a special production put on just for you!
With a whole cast of characters that I'm certain you will know...
The Cheshire Cat...
The March Hare, Mad Hatter and of course, Alice!
We also have the Hooka-Smoking Caterpillar asking us "Who are you...?" (I often wonder this myself...)
The singing flowers perform some lovely songs for us:

"Off with her head!" the Queen of Hearts shouts!
...even the Jaberwockey is a bit intimidated by the Queen...(but we know it is all just an act, so don't be frightened!)
Even one of Mouserly Manor's own is in the play - can you guess his part?
After all the excitement, you must be hungry again.  Please, take another cupcake and a cup of tea before you head down the path to the next party.
Thank you for stopping by and have a perfectly Alice kind of day!
Looks like the Jaberwockey won this one...

(Most of the graphics for the stage were purchased from Altered Artifacts)



  1. Oh Donna, I am totally and utterly in love with your beautiful dolls and theatre. I want one now!! :-)

    Great tea party!

  2. Mmm... Yummy yummy yummy! The magic mantel is like a fairy tale!

  3. Thank you for a fun Mad Tea Party! I enjoyed my stay. :) Hope you will come visit with me, too!
    Sincerely, Theresa :)
    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!

  4. I love the little theater! How cute!
    Happy Mad Tea Party!

  5. Wow those cupcakes look delicious! And I love the paper theatre, makes my inner child squeal with delight :)

    Please come visit me at my party for a cup of tea:

  6. What a fun visit from one grandmother to another for this delightful time all our grand children can enjoy - full of such intriguing characters and such tasty treats, and, of course, delightful tea party sets galore. Thank you for such a great time.

  7. What a wonderful party you had. Your goodies and tea were wonderful and the other guests were so very nice. Thank you. Please visit me:

  8. The cupcakes were delicious and the entertainment was grand! Thank you for having me over. I do hope you will come by my tea party and giveaway!

  9. Wonderful tea party! Visit mine?

  10. Adorable seashore background!

    All these cupcakes, makes me want to go on a sugar binge ...

    Give me a visit some time ~

  11. Love your party post; cute!

  12. Magical party! Please stop by mine if you can! :)

  13. oh, I so much enjoyed visiting you! my favorite part were the lovely singing flowerers!!

    Please do take a moment and stop by my wonderland for a treat and a giveaway!!♥-2012/

  14. Hahaha...I laughed out loud. Glad I grabbed my cupcake before kitty got there! I had a wonder-ful time at your tea party...thank you for having me.

  15. Great party! I enjoyed a lot with each detail. Amazing!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina (joining the mad party too!!)

  16. Now that is what magic is all about!!!! Wowie Zowie!! Beyond awesome!!! WHat a party!! Thank you thank you!!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  17. What a wonderful performance, and cakes too!!!!
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  18. Best Dormouse ever!
    Thank you for sharing the image source. I need to get a few so I can play along next year.

    What a delightful time!

  19. OH clap clap clap. Bravo. What a wonderful play. But to be honest my favorite part was all the Scrumptious cupcakes. They were absolutely one hundred percently delish.

    Thank you for inviting me. Oh please do drop in for a Spoonful of Mad Tea over on the Other Side of Wonderland
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  20. Pure magic from start to finish!
    hope you can visit my parties!

  21. Thanks for sharing this very nice little Mad Tea Party...i have fun to look at this.
    Have a nice day

  22. What a naughty Jabberwocky, ruining such a perfectly dainty party like that. I hope he got a very stern talking to and at least a three minute time-out. :) What a wonderful time I had, watching everyone on stage! Thank you for the cupcakes too, by the way.

  23. What a lovely party with cute mouses and delicious looking cupcakes! xxx

  24. One of my favorite tea parties!! Especially the mice!
    Thank you for having me

  25. I Ssooo enjoyed your Alice in Wonderland theater stage with one of my favorite characters the Cheshire cat in a tree! Also,the mouse in the tea pot,Yup, very Cute! Cheers!

  26. Oh! The cupcakes looked wonderful. And I was really impressed by the Wonderland Theater! What a lovely thing to play with!

    Thank you for inviting me!

  27. What a wonderful combination of elements for your celebration! I love all of your paper crafts. So clever! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Oh my goodness! Your tea party was amazing! I love the house and stage! So very lovely!

  29. I love the mice and...hmmmmmmmmm! This black juicy cherry is really tempting me...YUM!!!

  30. What a wonderful surprise, thanks for dropping by. I love, love your Mad Tea Party. So Theater, I love the set and the characters are great. The Cheshire Cat is wild, Please pour me a cup of tea and pass me one of those tastie treats. I want to hear all the tales, esp. with the Red Queen and don't leave a detail out.
    Thanks for inviting. Kathy

  31. Hi, Donna
    Thank you for visiting my Mad Tea Party today! Well the White Rabbit was late, so any time at all is 'on time' for the Mad Tea Party! I am still visiting parties too. Love your Alice in Wonderland Theatre... I like the glitter on the Cheshire Cat. I love Altered Artifacts designs and have the same download for that sweet theatre. Your story line was totally fun!
    And thank you for the cup cakes! Yum!
    Teresa in California


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