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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to make Pretty Planner Pages - Art 5 Style!

I absolutely adore my Daytimer - well, the binder anyway...

I keep everything in there - recipes, notes, my calendar, daily/weekly to-do lists, a few photos, blog post ideas, project checklists, project ideas, addresses, etc.  It is so fat that I can't use the snap thingy to close it - I had to get a stretchy band thingy (I think it is a Smashbook product) to hold it closed.

I loooovvveee it so much!  Remember when we were kids how someone would say, "well, if you LOVE it/him/her so much, why don't you marry it?"  Yep! I love my little daybook that much!

I've used a binder for...forever it seems!  All different sizes and types, but so far this one from Daytimer is my favorite.  I even bought a small 7-hole punch so I could personalize it with my own filler pages.

I like things that I use a lot to be functional, but pretty - so my daybook needs to be pretty, too.  In the past I've used cute stickers, doodled, printed out pretty pages, bought pretty inserts and tried very hard to personalize it so that it is all Donna.

But, it just isn't exactly the way I want it to be...

I think I have found a (fun!) solution!

Just this morning, Art 5 opened up their Art to the 5th Style Workshop which is all about PLANNER PAGES!  Woohoo!  Click on the link above and watch the video.  It is very affordable, so of course I signed up. =)

Now I have an excuse to break out all my paints and bits and embellies and washi tape; all my pens and watercolor pencils and pastels and watercolor crayons and scissors.  I have a reason to cut up my old book pages and pull out my little Xyron sticker-maker.  I get to spread out all my stamps and Stickles and ribbons and fibers and alcohol sprays and make a huge mess all over my art table!

(I need two art for needlefelting and one for painting...oh, and another for my miniature/dollhouse knitting/crochet stuff has spilled into the family art room isn't big enough...I need a barn - yes!  I need a barn!  Does anyone else have the same issue of not being able to do only ONE kind of art?  I could never do just one thing always leads to another thing that must be tried!  Art for me is always a bunny trail...)

So, go check it out and let me know if you sign up for the workshop - I'd love to see your pages as you get them done!

Well, I am off to go look over the classroom and drool over the supply lists - I hope to see you there!



  1. Love the green! I have not ventured into artistically creating my planner because I make such a mess out of mine! Not really much of a planner, more of a daily to-do list with scribbles everywhere ha! I too struggle with doing only one kind of art. Why limit yourself I say?! Bring on the barn! HAHA!

  2. I agree - why limit ourselves to just one type! I make a mess of my planner, too - I thought if I prettied it up I could make the mess part of the whole thing - Ha!


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