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"Normal Day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all in the world, for your return." ~ Mary Jean Iron

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Misadventures of Princess Squash

From small things great adventures begin...or so they say (or do they?  Maybe I made that up...I don't know...)

Anyway, once upon a time there was a mama and she was having a very rough time of it.  There was lots of bad, awful, no-good, horrible days and visits to doctors and nasty, uncomfortable tests being done.  Spring was taking too long to come; there were too many rainy days.  Too many days of pain and discomfort and she had just had enough!

One Saturday she awoke and the sun was shining!  That alone made things a little better and she decided to get up and go somewhere.  She had seen an ad in the paper for the most adorable Easter-themed salt and pepper shaker - and she just LOVED salt and pepper shakers!  She was going to go in search of this most adorable one.

Her son, probably feeling sorry for his poor mama, offered to take her on her search.  Even though he had decided earlier that he was going to have a "lazy" day (and this kid never has a lazy day).  They decided it would be fun - an adventure of sorts.

They had no idea.

The store closest to them was out of these most precious salt and pepper shakers, so they sat in traffic and talked and traveled 12 miles in the other direction to the store that did carry them.  They wandered happily around the store and looked at pretty things and then as poor mama got pooped out,  decided to make their purchases and leave.

Traffic by now was beyond ridiculous, so a "short cut" was decided.

And a U-turn was attempted.  Into a soft shoulder.  After days and days and DAYS of rain.

The son's itty bitty fuel-efficient car sunk midway up the tires into mud and there they sat - stuck on the side of a busy road on a sunny day.

All for a precious salt and pepper shaker.


As soon as it happened, he looked over at me and smiled such a beautiful smile and said, "Don't worry mom.  In a few hours this will all be behind us and we will laugh at all of this."  Then he stepped out of the car in his brand new sneakers and sunk up to his ankles in mud.  He smiled again and closed the door.

It took a while.  He tried branches under the tires.  Rocking the car.  A few nice people stopped here and there to give advice or see if they could help.  We were trying to find out if he had road-side assistance and call a tow truck when a guy pulled up next to us in his pick up and offered to use his chains to just pull us out.

What a blessing!

We were out and on our way in just a few minutes after that.  No damage to the car, but my son was covered in mud from his waist down and the inside driver side of the car was completely covered in mud, as well as the steering wheel and gear shift.  The only thing that was not was the copy of The Fountain Head (and that probably deserved to be covered in mud, but that is just my personal opinion...)

I bought him some lunch after that - but we took it home and I made him wash his hands first!

Then he spent the entire afternoon washing the inside and outside of his car.

Not much of a lazy day after all.

And I don't think his sneakers will ever be the same again.

But you have to admit...this is pretty darn cute!

And yes, we did laugh and laugh and laugh about it.  Now, every Easter when we pull out the salt and pepper shaker, we will have a story to tell.  And that is what it is all about, folks!  Those precious memories.  Gather them.  Remember them.  Talk about them until they become the stuff of legend in your families.  Even after I am gone, that story will remain.

So, in a way, our stories make us immortal!

Think about it.

Easter was a tiny affair this year since I have not been well.  Instead of decorating as I usually do, I only managed to decorate the corner of my counter:

And, of course, this:

(I can't help it!! It is just so darned cute!!)

And, here is a random thought for you.  Do you remember The Pink Panther?  Well, I loved it as a kid.  Then, I found out there were movies of the Panther and was so excited until I discovered that they were not even about a panther at all - much less a pink one!  So disappointing!

So what made me think of that?  Well, there are ants in my kitchen.  I remembered a silly joke we used to ask one another as kids.

What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?

Dead ant...dead ant...dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead annnnnnnnnnnnt!!


So loving this song right now:

Joyfully, Donna

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  1. Ohhh my gosh what a mess that made! I am glad you got out of the house on some adventuring though, you need to! It's so yucky being cooped up in wintery weather, it's enough to make anyone miserable.


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